Course Syllabus

A syllabus provides you with an overview of the course operation and policies. The following sections should answer most of your basic questions and serve as a guide to the course.  However, you should consider this entire Canvas site as your course syllabus. This Canvas site is your classroom and contains all the information your need to be successful in the course.  Please read through the following sections before you start any of your course work and comeback to refer to them as needed.

CHD 165-Print Syllabus --Generic  This gives you the highlights of the course requirements.


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COURSE INFO: Course Overview Textbooks/Materials Grading/Withdrawals
EXAM INFO Exams/Verification
POLICIES: Late Assignment Policy E-Mail Policy College Policies
HELP: Canvas Support HELP/Student Support

The following section is a summary of the course graded assignments and due dates.

Course Summary:

Date Details Due